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What are the Best Solar-Powered Outdoor Cameras?

Author: Jayde Walker   Date Posted:3 November 2019 

Solar-powered outdoor security cameras can offer a cost-effective and green-friendly way to monitor your home. Weigh up features and considerations on top cameras here.


By: Jayde Walker

3rd November 2019

If you’re concerned about intruders, want to spy on a mischievous pet or looking to increase security, these outdoor cameras keep tabs on what’s happening around your home. 

Solar-powered cameras can offer a more cost-effective and green-friendly way to monitor outdoor areas, especially off-grid homes or remote areas. By utilising solar, you benefit from the sun’s natural energy to charge and run outdoor security cameras. Whilst it’s still important to choose a camera with an internal power bank as backup for nighttime or cloudy days, solar power extends your camera’s battery life.

Self-sufficient systems can be sold in bundles which include the solar panel and a solar-powered security camera with rechargeable batteries. Alternatively, outdoor cameras with solar capabilities and the panel can be purchased individually to use together.

Here are the top outdoor cameras powered by solar for 2019.

3G SIM Wildlife Trail Outdoor Camera

The Wildlife trail camera is ideal for outdoor home security, hunting and wildlife surveillance needs.

It comes equipped with 3G cellular service to ensure you get your desired coverage, with a weather-resistant body specifically designed for outdoor use and ability to notify you of intrusive or visiting human or wildlife trespasses.

Top Features:


1080p Scouting Trail Camera

If you’re looking for outdoor home security but don’t need instant notifications sent to your mobile when there’s activity, the Scouting Trail Camera records all movement day or night to stream via TV at home.

Using the camera powered with a solar panel will allow it to access the sun’s power first, before using its own batteries. However, you can still equip your camera with batteries for added back-up.

Top Features:


Arlo Pro 2 Home Security Camera

Although smaller and less durable than some other outdoor cameras, the Arlo Pro 2 offers high image quality and combined with the solar panel only needs 5-6 hours of direct sunlight to keep batteries fully charged.

Top Features:


Ring Spotlight Solar Camera

Combining an outdoor security camera with surveillance spotlight, this camera/light combo operates on battery and solar, once attached to the external panel.

The camera is simple but effective, offering a low-maintenance way to monitor your outdoor area. It’s an ideal home security choice if budget is tight or you don’t want to replace existing outdoor lighting.

Top Features:


For more information about which solar powered outdoor camera best suits your security needs, contact our team who can help with the buying process or follow our blog for more tips.

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